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Star MHB-A
Star MHB-A

Star MHB-A

Aluminium Star with 1 LED

Version with 9V MHB-A

  • Current feeding Iin = 480mAdc: P = 4,8W

Version with 18V MHB-A

  • Current feeding Iin = 240mAdc: P = 4,8W

Version with 36V MHB-A

  • Current feeding Iin = 120mAdc: P = 4,8W


Heat sink required Yes

Order Code

Base code

LED color

 Cables (optional)
 1200EN1355  8 CRI 80  30 warm white 3000K  C with 25cm cables
   9 CRI 90  40 natural white 4000K  0 without cables
 LED type + feeding

9MBAC70 CREE™ MHB-A 9V 700mA max constant current
8MBAC35 CREE™ MHB-A 18V 350mA max constant current
6MBAC17 CREE™ MHB-A 36V 175mA max constant current
Eg: 1200EN1355-830-0-9MBAC70: warm white 3000K, CRI80, MHB-A 9V, without cables, 700mA max.