Aluminium Quad with 20 LEDs There are two series with 10 LEDs each one. With a 700 mA power supply, each series will be feeded at 350 mA

Current Feeding

  • Iin = 700mAdc:    Iled = 350mA:    P = 22W
  • Iin = 1050mAdc:  Iled = 525mA:    P = 30W
  • Iin = 2000mAdc:  Iled = 1000mA:  P = 64W

Type of LED CREE™ XP-E2

Heat sink required Yes

Cables  25cm

Lenti consigliate PL1145EL_CRE / PL114525_CRE / PL114540_CRE

Order Code

Base code


Type of LED

B1Cree™ XP-E2

B3*Cree™ XP-C 

B6*Cree™ XP-G 

*available on request

LED Color 

BI0 cold white 

BI1 warm white 

BI2 natural white

Eg: 1200EN0860-B1-BI0: XP-E2 cold white