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Entity Elettronica designs and produces LED lighting solutions with high technological content, focused on energy saving and high lighting efficiency.


I-Stick is an "intelligent" board that allows the dimming of the LEDs (on/off) through Touch IR and light sensor. It's possible to install it with thermal double-sided tape.
Intelligent Stick with 21 LEDs

Intelligent Stick with 21 LEDs


Electronic card equipped with IR sensor able to detect a presence and a brightness sensor. When you touch the sensor quickly enable or disable the LEDs, the presence manenendo front sensor with leds will change brightness. And 'tab available in 3 software versions: Touch sensor and light allows you to turn power off using the touch dimmer is also a turn on the LEDs for 45 seconds, the only version excludes the touch sensor light version with only the light sensor excludes the touch.

Available customization.

Voltage Feeding Vin = 24Vdc: P = 4,4W

Recommended power supply 1300ENPS-08-V24

Type of LED Citizen ® CLL620

Heat sink required Yes

Divisible No

Connector Wago 2 way

Order Code

Base code


Software Ver.

01 Touch IR & light sensor 

02 Touch IR 

03 Light sensor. led switch-off timer

LED color

BI1 warm white 3000K

BI2 natural white 5000K

BI5 natural white 4000K

Es: 1200EN1043-02-BI2: natural white a 5000 K, touch IR