The production department boasts state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and avails itself of the support of highly qualified personnel.


  • Three automatic assembly lines complete of: loader, silk screen machine, Yamaha Pick&Place, unloader and reflow furnace. Pick&Place equipped with electrical chargers for a major speed and accuracy and amortized nozzles with ceramic rings specific for the handling of the LEDs. A line for boards up to 1200mm lenght.
  • Dedicated machine for SMT prototyping.


The traditional PTH assembly department (Pin Through Hole) has automatic equipments for the installation of components and benches for manual assembly where the highly qualified staff works ensuring the highest quality and precision.


Tests and inspections are carried out on 100 per cent of the production and not only on a sample basis, a compulsory step in order to guarantee maximum quality.

The main standard control steps are:

  1. the electronic boards are examined in the SMD department with a 3D optical automatic inspection (AOI) machine, to guarantee maximum product quality;
  2. the ‘test and inspection’ department carries out a check on the finished, ready-to-pack product (functional tests or dedicated test benches).

When necessary, we can perform more in-depth customised analyses and tests using the X-ray inspection machine.

The recent introduction of cobots (collaborative robots) has made it possible to automate software uploads and tests, saving time, eliminating errors and improving quality of life for the operator.


The recent introduction of the “Incoming Material Station” allows an advanced management of the material during the acceptance phase. The precise, fast and integrated system allows incoming information to be tracked in a complete and reliable form. LEDs and PCBs, managed using the FIFO method, are stored in an air-conditioned environment and duly tracked (barcode) to guarantee the lifespan and specifications of the product.

In addition, we have automatic vertical warehouses, for speeding up and optimizing picking processes.


Entity offers the resin coating service for its boards:

  • Painting room controlled PVA for Conformal Coating treatment, which consists in applying a coating material that will act as protection against moisture, dust, chemical substances and extreme temperatures.
  • Automatic lines for the resin process (IP65-IP68).